The different types of sex doll

There are different types of sex doll choices on the sex toy market. What you need to understand first is to determine your true desires before scrolling through the images in the galleries of love stores.

Torso doll

The first one that is the most sold is the torso doll. It has very large breasts, the vagina and anus are in evidence and they come in TPE material or full silicone. Those who are on a tight budget can buy this torso doll. It costs only about 100 euros, maybe a little more if it comes with other sex accessories. Her main role is to masturbate her partner with her big breasts.

Mini sex doll

Then we have the mini sex doll. This model is also very popular because of its miniature. It measures only 125cm and weighs about 38kg. They already have a name and they are exposed on the galleries of the sites of sale of sextoys online. Its price is also affordable, at least 500 euros and yet it can fulfill all fantasies, since they are chosen according to its country of origin. To this end, the model on ebony sex doll is very famous at the moment.

Real doll

There is a range of realistic real dolls. They are the size of a real young woman of 30 years with 160cm and 60kg, with a complexion of a 20 years old girl. The breasts in abundance, the buttocks slightly bulging, the size of the vagina and the anus to the standard. And all the fantasies you want from a woman.

Sexy doll

And finally, our custom sexy doll that is designed for men who need a partner at home. They are made to order with specific characteristics, and they can go up to 5,000 euros.

Note that the buyer has the right to choose the skin tone of his doll, the color and cut of his hair, the shape of his eyes and even the originality of the doll.


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