It's all gone hardcore on the world famous couch !

You know, when you are in a couple, there are so many things that you can do to get a real satisfaction.

You can get pleasure wherever you are

You can leave your bed when you make love, just having some savage feeling and started to fuck in the couch. The sofa is the best place than you can compare with your bed when you make love. You are in your comfort to sit on the sofa. And it’s said that when your ass is in comfort ladies, you can always have fun to do sexual act. But the sofa has a significant voluptuous potential that we can explore more position to make love. Let’s see how this backroom casting couch casting will be taken place. They proposed us four sexual positions and some advice to optimize a hardcore fucking yet.

Four Kamasutra couch positions

The naughty hug: In this position madam turns her back, lying sideway. Your first option is to consider a sweet spoon: sir sticks on the back of the lady and lets her hands walk against the belly and beasts. While gently kissing the neck and licking the lobe of the ears, and having a real pleasure to get fuck on ass and on her pussy yet.

Canine stretching: In the manner of the dog stretching after too long asleep, raise your pelvis in the air and extend your arms forward. This position resolutely sexy position will surely attract your cock partner, it offers an ideal shooting angle for men, this way ensuring a deep penetration, even for the smallest pussy.

The hula hoop: Mister will kneel like mad by positioning herself behind her, while she gives rhythm and cadence by performing pelvic movements according to her desires.

Legs in the air: Sir is only having to lie down on Madame's thighs is raising her pelvis on and the penetration is so decidedly deep. This position is reserved for those who seek to shake the sofa.

This is what making love is so funny, because there is no code to do this. If you do not disturb anybody else surround you then you can easily having some sex fun and groaning so louder when you eject so nicely.

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