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The Internet, as a widely accessible medial, offers many recreational activities, and some of them are online sexual activities. online sexual activities the use of the Internet that is, via text, audio, video, and graphic files for any activity that involves human sexuality, including but not limited to having sexual chats, looking for or participating in sex webcam with an asian cam model, watching pornography, or trying to find sexual partners. Involvement in online sexual activities is ubiquitous, especially in males, and can under certain circumstances become problematic.

Behavioural addictions

Excessive involvement in online sexual activities is generally considered to be uncontrolled or compulsive, displayed to regulate emotional states, and associated with a variety of negative outcomes including professional and financial problems interpersonal isolation, risky sexual behaviours and offline sexual difficulties ,less sexual arousal and satisfaction; erectile difficulties in intimate sexual relationships; Although debates still abound regarding the classification and diagnosis of online and offline sex-related disorders. These disorders are often conceptualized as behavioural addictions.


Some studies also indicated that traumatic history and post-traumatic stress disorder are prevalent in people displaying excessive sexual behaviour. In addition, a growing number of studies were interested in the psychological factors associated with addictive use of online sex chat activities and emphasized the importance of insecure attachment styles or the individual correlates fuelling online sexual activities.


Mood regulation motives that is, to reduce aversive thoughts, feelings, or sensations and sexual fantasizing motives that is, to compensate for unfulfilled and/or shameful sexual fantasizing appeared to be important predictors of addictive use of online sexual activities. Despite the burgeoning studies focusing on addictive online sexual activities use, however, the psychological factors involved in its development and maintenance remain scarcely explored. Partners’ arousal in online sexual activity requires the participation of at least two people in an interactive sexual communication or activity using Internet- based forums.

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